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Mary Lynn Clark

Here are a few kind words from my clients

Colette Morrissey

I met Mary Lynn twelve years ago when we were buying our current home. The sellers left the basement full of their "unwanted" items, such as old paint cans, pieces of lumber, broken furniture, etc. Mary Lynn, who was the agent for the sellers, had such empathy for our situation. Mary Lynn offered to pay for a handyman to have our basement cleared out. The sellers had already moved out of state, but Mary Lynn said that they never should have left us with such a mess and she would take care of it, even if the sellers wouldn't. I never forgot her kindness and always thought if I ever sell or buy a house again, I would want an agent like her who really cares about people. So, twelve years later, when my mother passed away and we had our parents house to sell, I told my siblings about Mary Lynn and what she did for us, and that I would like for her to represent us. Of course, Mary Lynn lived up to our expectations and did a fantastic job of selling our parents home, which was a unique piece of property. She not only did a great job on the listing, but was with us through everything, even down to the last detail. She has many years of experience and it showed, whether dealing with septic tank inspections or tax filing. She would be the first agent I'd contact if I ever buy or sell again.

John and Tina Sheary

Mary Lynn Clark has helped my family for over 21 years with both the purchase and sales of real estate. She is knowledgeable, thorough and has a ton of experience and contacts for most any need you might have in selling or purchasing a home! She has not only helped us in Johnson County but we had her sell our home in Liberty, MO and it was sold before we even got it on the market! August 2017 She was such a tremendous help this past year when my mother fell gravely ill and was hospitalized knowing she was not going to be able to return to her home (that Mary Lynn helped her purchase 21 years before). Mary Lynn jumped in and went above and beyond the call of duty! Items needed to be fixed on the home - she had resources! We had to have an estate sale - she had resources! THE LIST GOES ON AND ON! She has now helped my husband and I purchase a beautiful maintenance free villa and we are very excited to move in. Thank you Mary Lynn for your professionalism and expertise. We appreciate being in such good hands!

Dr. Jane Andrews

It is my pleasure to tell you of the excellent service I received from Mary Lynn when she sold my house recently. She let me through the entire process with great attention to detail, timeliness and straight forward talk. The numerous service providers she offered was invaluable. They were all efficient, knowledgeable about their craft and cost effective. Including a stager to help me "declutter" after 26 years in my wonderful home. The house sold within days which only added to the "jarring process". Mary Lynn remained calm, kind and tenacious throughout. She was an incredible advocate with a high level of experience. I highly recommend her to anyone selling or buying a home.

Jenni Banks

Mary Lynn is great at offering personal opinions on what she thought would be good for our family. She was never pushy or made us feel like we were taking too long. As her clients, I always felt she knew what we were looking for and was always accommodating to set up showings. She knew how to get our house ready to sell and we were able to sell very fast. She is very knowledgeable in her profession and I would use her again!

John White

We have used Mary Lynn twice and she has always gone the extra mile and works very hard to guide your thru the process to make sure you are taking care of all the necessary steps to buy and sell a house. Mary Lynn helped maximize the value of our house with complimentary services that make a huge difference.

Cheryl Banks

Mary Lynn is my son's realtor and he was extremely pleased with his experience. He also recommended her to several of his friends and they were all pleased, as well. She sold each of their homes in 1 day.

Jan Powell

I feel extremely lucky to have come across Mary Lynn Clark. When I went to inquire about renting an apartment from her, I had no idea she was a realtor. But I needed to sell my house and it wasn't really in the best shape for selling. With Mary Lynn's knowledge of what helps a house sell and what doesn't and her resources and contacts, my house was ready for market way sooner than I thought possible. The result was an offer for asking price (which was higher than I originally thought I could get) the first day.

Throughout the closing process, Mary Lynn was vigilant about making sure all the details were worked out, especially when a catastrophic plumbing issue arose. She was, even under pressure, calm, professional, patient, understanding, helpful, trustworthy, accessible and respectful. Mary Lynn is, quite simply, the best and definitely earned her commission!

Sam Eaton

Everything went great. We saw a ton of properties, until we found the right one!

Angie Foote

We are so happy that she helped us purchase our 1st home.

Dale and Jodi Wendlandt

As I have said in this survey - we love Mary Lynn Clark. She is a professional from the word go - and takes care of her clients better than any other realtor I have used across the country - I MEAN THAT! She always has a smile, and is willing to answer my "dumb questions" and explains things so well - that is something that a lot of people can't do!

She is a wonderful, considerate and caring individual. She worked to price our house right - help get it staged and signed and then BAM it sold and the process was easy from there on through (outside of the 'other realtor'). Mary Lynn always kept my wife and I updated and made us feel calm even when we were not getting the answers we wanted from the buyers agent. It was a bit nerve racking, but not at all due to anything that Mary Lynn did.

I applaud her and will recommend her to anyone that is buying or selling a home in the area. She knows her stuff - and she knows how to get things done!


Diana Park

I love Mary Lynn! She was so great and educated us through our whole selling process. It was our first time selling a home and felt reassured that Mary Lynn was our broker. She was honest and patient.

Vicki Richardson

On meeting Mary Lynn, I noted her enthusiasm and the way she seemed to genuinely like my house and be interested in the details about it. I felt she would do a good job in promoting it. Mary Lynn was always prompt in answering questions I had, quick to return phone calls. She was there for the inspections and anything else that came up.

She handled everything in a professional and polite way and she looked out for my best interest. Everything went smoothly and I would definitely recommend her to anyone. She did an excellent job.

Courtenay Cramer

Mary Lynn was very knowledgeable of the area and provided input on why she recommended certain areas. She was very responsive to our questions and very professional throughout the process.

Kathy D

My thanks to Mary Lynn Clark who acted as my realtor during the purchase of my home, a consultant in my need for design information, a source for contractor contact information, an assistant in dealing with contractor visits, a source of local history and being a friend!